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Fall 2014


Century Conquests’ Artwork Now Presents

The Diamond & Heart Art Collections

 Artwork; ISBN—978-0-985069-8-8-9; Approximate Pages, 140; 8.0” x 10.0”; $29.95, PBK
Pictures are exhibited, categorically, by coloring schemes and coloring mediums.

Schemes: pastel shades; earth tones; primary colors; gray, black & white; black & white.

Mediums: colored pencils; water coloring; pastel coloring; acrylic coloring; oil coloring;
all of which, have been affected with special effects.


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Thanks for visiting—and, Welcome to Century Conquests’ Blog, here, at Blogger!

 It puts forth its vision of, and Mission in the world in which it exists.

 That, Century Conquests quests are, simply, to conquer, circularly, and un-colorfully, and even colorfully, certain realms. To do so, by applying, absolutely, its “own” artistic, and creative, or imaginative philosophy of life and the methodology by which such life is lived: or, heard; seen; smelt; touched; flavored. In the realms of entertainment; education; art; designs; and so forth; starting, right, with its presentation of circularly colorful books; which rest upon a roundly recurrent theme; whose subject almost always explore such realms or some of life’s biggest dichotomies: lightness and darkness; prettiness and ugliness; rightness and wrongness; goodness and badness—or, joy and sorrow, and the like; which offer some very colorful reading experiences and some artistically colorful artwork…. Enjoy…!
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Spring 2014


 Century Conquests’ Books Now Presents

Coming Soon!

Duty & Destruction I:
A Real Female Experiences Life in and out of the U.S. Military

Autobiography/Military; ISBN—978-0-985069-8-0-3; Approximate Pages, 550; 6” x 9”; $30.95; PBK

Excerpt: After having nodded off, I’m now awake and am seeing a big, black, and bull-dog-like soldier of a super snake. He’s since slithered off of the main road leading back to the base, or the post. “Where you’re headed?” I question him right through the terribly thick haziness of my nakedly dark reality.


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